Update 35: new KW Springs

I had a problem with the travel of the wheel on the RedBull Racetrack in Austria because the passenger-side wheel was touching the Fender in T10.
The Suspension (KW DDC Plug&Play) is on the highest possible point and it is all ready nearly too low (326mm).
So I talked to KW and the sold me new Springs for the Front Suspension.
I replaced the old Springs „2041 04G19“ with the new the stiffer ones „2025 23M22“ and now I was able to bring down the adjustable Coilover Spring Plate by one cm.
And that gives me the accepted hight by the Austrian TÜV (340mm between the Fender and the middle of the Wheel).

Update 34: CSF Oilcooler Upgrade

I replaced the original BMW Oilcooler with the CSF Oilcooler.

– Innovative 2-Core In-Series System
– Front Core Features 14 Rows, Secondary In-Series Backside Cooler Has an Additional 5 Rows of Cooling for
– ~40% Increase in Heat Rejection
– Converted to a Single-Pass Design with High-Pressure Return Line for Optimal Flow
– Made With CSF’s AC Condenser Technology Using a 1-Row Super High-Pressure 26mm Multi-Channel Microtube
– High Density, Multi-Louvered Fin Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact
– “Drop-in Fit” Requires No Modifications to Install

Update 33: M Lower Control Arm and Tension Strut

Today the M2/3/4 Lower Control Arm and Tension Strut got installed.
In my case the upgrade adds -1.2° of camber.

After a Testdrive, I have to say it increases grip and speed of turning, and I’m very happy with the ///M Parts.


I converted back to the Original Lower Control Arm and Tension Strut because the Passenger Side Wheel was touching the Fender on the RedBull Racetrack in Austria (T10).
Now the wheel has enough place and the camber of the fronts is actually -2°.

Update 25: 10,25″ Display with Wireless Carplay

The Display from Avinusa.com is outstanding and works perfectly. I can highly recommend this product. The big Touchdisplay makes it easy to work with it.

I have also tested two other Boxes but without success.
The worst box came from Skandinav.de and did not work. The Support is horrible, and most of the time you get only a “received message” but no answer. They are incompetent, so I can not recommend the Products from this Company.